Saturday, August 18, 2007

All New Things

For the past three days, I've been at school, prepping myself for the inevitable invasion of students into the building. Several teachers have expressed the same sentiment: these days are filled with anxiety; it all gets easier and more fun when the students get here. Since it's not my first year teaching, I'm not horribly nervous about the students' arrival. Let me qualify. This school is very different from the school from which I come. It's more academically sound; discipline concerns have a very different focus; the students tend to be better off (both financially and in parenting). All these things would generally make me very nervous, but here's the distinguishing thing about this school: I graduated from this school (although it was at a different campus at the time), my parents both teach at this school, and my brother is a senior (I'll have him in class). I'm really excited about beginning the year, and I'm sure that I'll be more nervous as the first day of school gets much closer.

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